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  1. i orderd 6 buff barred bantam cochin eggs
    7 blue silkie eggs
    10 Frizzle Bantam cochin eggs
    6 sizzle silkie eggs

    Anyone fimiliar with any of these breeds? any info on them???
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    Quote:my understanding is blues don't breed true but you'll get a mix of blue/black/splash (blue x blue = 50% blue 25% black 25% splash)
    and with the frizzles, again I don't think they breed true so you'll end up with some frizzle and some regular, and you want to breed frizzle to non-frizzle because there's a lethal factor involved with frizzle x frizzle breedings you end up with a % of the chicks dying in shell or early on.

    I'm still trying to pin down the genetics in my head, so if I'm off please someone correct me.

    good luck on your eggs. my personal favorite are blue bantam cochins. 8)
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    Be aware that Fall hatches are very different than Spring hatches.

    The birds are harder to raise and tend to be smaller/weaker.

    I am one of the few Oriental Breeders that normally does fall hatches (not this year: feed is too high). And this has been my overall experience over the past 15 years or so that I've been doing this in a rather large fashion.
  4. ill keep that in mind, there ganna be in my house in a box with a heat lamp till they get feathers on them. i have 2, 50 pound bags of medicated chick feed soo far for them that i had given to me. will they always be smaller than the rest of the birds, or will they eventully get to normal bantam size? and thanks about letting me know about the coloring. i know the buff barred eggs my have a few just buff cochins, and the frizzle i knew about. i didnt know that blue silkies would hatch differnt colors, but thats ok with me, and the sizzle? will it also have normal feathered birds hatch?
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    You will get 100% blue if the parents were splash and black.
  6. Quote:ok thank u. idk what color the parents were but i guess i can find out. [​IMG] thanks agian
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    Fall hatches in CA do just fine where I live we don't have our first frost until the beginning of Nov sometimes much later and then sometimes it stays in the 70's and 80's right up to the 15th of December right now everyday has been right at 100 lows in the 60's and we get grass if it will rain in November and they will lay in the early spring....I like to start hatching in October. California where I live has 2 seasons wet and cool then dry and hot.....
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    Quote:That matches our weather: we've had more Christmas' at 60-75 (highs) than lower. Our first frost is between 15 Nov and 15 Dec. Year before last I picked my last tomatoes of the season on Christmas Eve.

    I stand by what I said. Fall hatches produce birds that are more difficult to raise and they will generally be smaller birds throughout their lives. There are exceptions.

    I count birds hatched from Sept-Thanksgiving as Fall hatched. Birds from the beginning of Advent I count as Winter hatched (though it isn't technically Winter yet).

    I prefer to hatch birds in the Winter thru the middle of April.

    This year I hatched around 500 chicks.
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  9. 1st batch of eggs eggs came today!

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    If you have never worked with shipped eggs, it's a bit different than non-shipped ones. Some folks report great hatch rates but generally 50% is max to expect. I have had awful experience with shipped eggs and will never do it again.

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