Just ordered Cochins, yay!


9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
SW Montana
Well I have been having a hard time deciding on just what I wanted! But finally decided to order from Murray McMurray, 10 buff,5 white, 5 black standard female cochins and 5 mottled bantam cochins.
I am still going to work on adding some lemon blue to my flock but haven't decided just how I am doing that yet. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. They won't be arriving until the end of March just in time for my birthday. But this gives us plenty of time to make sure our coop is perfected. My dad is letting me convert one of his calving sheds into a coop. Which is funny because its the one we converted as kids into a playhouse and called it Poppy Cottage! So we are going to revamp the old sign that said Poppy cottage and make it home to the chickens! I will have to take lots of pics of the process and put it on our blog. But ughh the waiting is so going to kill me:pop
good for you. It is exciting. You could cheat and go to TSL or Rural King and pick up two of something. Just an idea if you are as impatient as I am.


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