Just picked up 30 free chickens


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Apr 9, 2009
Viola, Illinois
I just got 30 chickens that were listed on craigslist as free. They are a mixture of different breeds. Some I am not even sure what they are. But about 8 of them have bald spots on thier backs and/or no tail feather area is bald. Would this be from an over populated coop? This guy had alot of chickens in his 4 coops. I ended up with 2 polish crested roos and the rest are hens. OH he also threw in a female turkey! She was in the coop with the chickens so I am guessing she will be ok with them now? Was not prepared for a turkey. Will have to get pics and see if you guys can tell me what she is.
ok can you get any luckier? Id be a little suspicious about all the feather loss and quarantine them but yes the feather loss I would assume that it is from overpopulation and over breeding? "assume" being the key word :) congrats
Wow thats great ... But be careful make sure they dont go anywhere near your flock for at least a month ,wash hands between coops and wear different shoes in each... There have been so many sad stories on here lately just please be so very careful..... The missing feathers sounds like they had a too high roo to chicken ratio imo... Enjoy those new chickies and keep a good eye on them...
The feathers missing is like the above posters mentioned...most likely from too many in one area and not enough room to roam and scratch. Also, quarantine!!! And after 30 days I would stick in a sacrificial bird to see if it gets sick just to be sure....Read up on Bio-security on here....after I got on here and learned about it I am really extra careful with my flock.

We will wait on pictures of your new family!! We can help you figure out what you have

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They are in a coop to themselves. There was about 6 roos in the coop with them I only took 2. I am hoping it was because there was so many. What about the turkey? I am guessing keep her with the chickens like before? Dont know anything about them.
I have seen lots of folks keep their turkeys and chickens together ... I would watch em , any problems then seperate... Congrats again that is awesome... Sounds like the old owner realized he had a few too many...
When I first started reading your post, I thought sure you're the one I just gave 30 chickens to. LOL Then I read about the balding....nope, not my chickens!

They were definitely not crowded. They were in a run that's 50x50. I'm addicted to hatching and hatched about 50 chicks that I had no place for them all. I found a wonderful person on Craigslist to take 30 of them.

Another woman took the other 20. I LOVE sharing!!!

A 13 year old little girl emailed me and asked if I had any more chicks. I have some baby chicks that I'll give to her in another week. She wanted 5 or 6 chicks.

I hope that you really enjoy your chickens!!!! Pics pics!!
I would do a check on them for lice and mites. Set up a few dust baths so they can use them. Get them on some ACV and garlic to help with worms if they have them. Thats alot of chickens to give away for free, makes me wonder why. If he bred them i would think he would sell them but OHwell your gain. Good luck with them.
Sorry cant get pics. My digital camera is gone! Looked everywhere for it. Wondering if I left it at work but I dont think so. Gonna kill some kids if they had it and lost it somewhere!

His coop was prob a 15X 20 inside and a outside run about the same size. I did not take all his birds only about half. And this was just one coop the other one was bigger but had just as many birds in it. He was on craigslist in Quad Cities Illinois.

How can I tell age? He told me they were about a year and a half to two yrs. Are they too old to lay?

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