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    Hi,I am brand new to raising turkey's. We just purchased 3 Eastern Wild hens and a tom.They were a flock of 6 hens and 1 Tom. They are about 1year and almost 1- 1/2 yrs. The lady said she had researched different flocks before getting them and so they were originally from different flocks. I didn't ask at what age she purchased them.They were totally free ranged. She had a LOT of other fowl and poultry roaming from Geese, Narangansettes, ducks, chickens and this flock of Easterns . The tom doesn't "gobble" yet as far as I can tell but I've heard the Hens making their cooing noises.

    When Does the tom start gobbling?

    I thought it would be before now. Maybe he does but it almost sounded like he had a cough, but I thought it might have been how the previous owner caught him to hand him to me . She caught him in a net and maybe it pressed on his vocal cord? we've only had him for a few hours. Maybe he was just upset?
    He doesn't have a full snoot ( or whatever that thing is that hangs down over the nose lol.

    She fed a lot of different stuff, a feed ration, bread, grass and whatever they got from foraging. She had separated them from the rest of the other poultry about 2 weeks ago so she could determine if they were laying yet. She thought they had been laying but since she moved them she hadn't seen any eggs.
    We will keep these for breeding stock.

    I have a question...We feed our poultry organically. If we switch these to organic feed will the eggs laid be organic when she starts laying? or if we let her raise some poult's will they be organic?

    Also Since the previous owner thought she was laying should I feed her the Layer I feed my chickens, or Turkey grower or a combination? They will be able to forage once they are used to their new home.
    The grower is 20.5 % protein with o.87% min and 1.10% max calcium and the pullet layer is 16% protein and has min of 3.50% calcium and a max of 4.40 % calcium plus they have free choice calcium in a separate container,
    Sorry for all the questions in one post.

    OH,I also bought 6 Bronze turkey poult's that were born almost a week ago that were at a TSC (Dell's Farm supply here). They bumbled and stumbled around and if they fell on their back the first couple days they had a hard time turning over. I had some larger shavings in the brooder thinking that would keep them from eating them but it made them more unstable so I switched to the smaller shavings (white only)
    and they seemed to do better,they weren't very good at eating so I bought some chicks and they seemed to learn pretty quickly what to do.I am feeding them a chick starter and turkey grower ( they are in the form of grains (rather than crumbles or pellets) and other stuff so I had to grind it a little finer. I know they need 30% protein, so I read on here I should give them meal worms and hard boiled eggs (smashed) which I've been doing. The other post said not more than 1/3 of their daily feed ration, but I'm not sure what that is so I've been feeding them a couple tsp of egg and about one tsp of meal worms twice a day but they don't generally eat all the egg. Is this right?
    I came home today and one was dead with a mouth full of shavings. Don't know if it was eating the shavings or if it was having trouble and had it's face pushed into the shavings and then couldn't breathe. It must have been within just a little while of dying because it was still warm and not rigid. I felt so bad,but know that this occasionally happens.
    Not sure what I can do to prevent further deaths if anything. I've read on other posts that if you can keep them alive til they are out of the brooder they're pretty hardy animals.


    Their wings were clipped by the previous owner,do any of you clip the wings? If so, How often? we don't have many preditor's here, just our dogs and they wouldn't be out on their own without us being near by. She only had a little 3-4 ft "fence" that they didn't fly out of.

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