Just re-homed 2 of my girls... sniff sniffan

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    Jun 7, 2010
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    I hatched out 9 chicks and the dh said if I wanted to keep any of them, I had to get rid of some. I gave 2 of my girls, "Spook" an Ancona, and "Bobblewrap" a Brown Leghorn/ Polish cross (VERY unattractive bird, unfortunately) that I hatched from my old roo. I had to decide on my 2 least favorite birds, but as I love them all, it was still hard. I gave them to my friend who has 3 hens who are no longer laying, and these girls are only 6, 7 months old, so they wiill be in a good home providing eggs for her and her son, so its not SO bad.

    I just really want to be able to keep some of these chicks, as they are going to be beautiful birds, I think. Mille fleur D'Uccle daddy and EE mamas. They all have fluffy faces and feathered legs, whhich I LOVE in a chicken, especially the fluffy faces. I'm so exciited to see what they look like, and as I don't know if they are boys or girls, I don't know which I am going to keep.

    Anyway, I guess I need to get used to this if I plan on continuing to hatch eggs.
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    Quote:True, true, as long as there is a DH around to say so.

    I keep all mine, although I have given some away to good friends. And I was sad, even when I knew they were going to good homes.
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    Jun 7, 2010
    Portland, OR
    Oh, Greyeyes! You have so much experience! The DH has actually been a wonder, so far. He didnt want chickens at all, then built me a gorgeous coop and 2 huge runs. Then I brought home some pheasants, and some ducks. Then quail, so he buiilt mme a huge quail enclosure. I started with 5 chicks, and now I have 20....and a rooster, which he said ABSOLUTELY NO ROOSTERS! But the roo is a little banty, so he let me have that one too......

    Soooooo, I've pushed all the boundaries to the limit. He doesn't even complain anymore about my multiple hutches and dog crates all over under the carport....so I HAVE to succumb to the limits he imposes. Its only fair, after all he's already done and put up with,

    Actually caught him taking pictures of the newest chickies taking a ride on mamas back....so I guess re-homing two of the "unfavorites" is a fair trade.
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    Kinda sounds funny, in a good way. You dh just loves them under his skin, I'm sure. ^__^

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