Just realized I will probably be short (1) chicken =-/

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    May 5, 2011
    So I know I have been a huge PITA about my chicks, and bugged everybody but I have one more question. I am 99.9% sure that my (1) cochin chick is a lil boy, and I have my silkie chick Lulu who's sex is not yet determined but when I posted a pic most said boy too. That leaves me with (1) lil cochin girl. I want a small flock but what should I do? I feel obligated to my Lulu, so if I keep a male, I feel it needs to be him. So I would love some advice as to what to do. Do I try to add 1 more girl to even it out or wait & see if Lulu is a Lu, but that will be months away still....when I added the 2 cochins they were a couple days old & Lulu was 8 weeks & we had NO problems. Are my young ones too old to add an extra friend without trouble? Is Lulu? "She" has been so awesome with these babies. I went out last night to put them in the coop & Lulu was laying down & all fluffed up, doubled in size and all of a sudden her wings started moving & both little chicks popped out to come see us! [​IMG] Thanks so very much!!

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