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trying chickens

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Oct 6, 2010
Lisle, NY
Hello to all. My folks raised some chickens when I was 6-7 years old. I have since taken over the homestead and thought my 4 yr old daughter would enjoy chickens, so I got the coop back up to snuff and ordered six barred rocks and six buff orpingtons. They should be here next week!! We are anxiously awaiting their arrival!! Hopefully all goes well and they get feathered out before the cold weather hits.
This is a great site, tons of info.
welcome from Eastern Wa. you need to keep them in a brooder for 4 or 5 weeks before you put them outside. or keep them in a brooder inside the coop if it is secure . you may already know this either way good luck with the new chicks there alot of fun!

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