Just saved baby chick with CPR!


13 Years
Aug 8, 2009
My broody hen hatched her second chick this morning. My daughter and I went out hours later to check on things, and the baby chick was laying in front of the mama hen, freezing (its only 50 here today) and not breathing. I literally gave the chick CPR, brought it in and it started opening and closing its mouth and then finally peeping. I have it on a towel on a heating pad set to low. It keeps waking up and peeping, but when it tries to stand up, its legs are too weak or something and it can't walk yet. Could there be something wrong with its legs? Or do you all think its just too weak yet? Should I raise it, or try to give it back to mama hen tonight? HELP!
In my experience chilled chicks can take a little time to recover and find their feet again, so give the little one a bit longer to warm up and see how it does. And congrats on saving it like that!

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