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  1. My first reaction to the Eggland's Best ad on the back of the Reader's Digest was this[​IMG] Because according to the ad, those eggs were superior in nutrition. How could one egg be healthier than another? Also, there was a note in fine print that said: also availible in organic and cage free varieties. So the normal eggs were just ordinary cage eggs with supposedly better nutrition. Even if I knew they were healthier, I would take Sunrise, Susan,or Selena's eggs any day.
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    I believe that it has to do with the fact that the company feeds the chickens flax seed. The thought is that flax seed lowers cholesterol. Therefore the eggs from chickens being feed flax seed, produce eggs that will not raise a persons cholesterol levels. They have since done studies that suggest that eggs do not raise a persons cholesterol levels.

    One of the things that I have learned in life, is just because the "experts" have an idea, I don't have to react until the "study" has been proven over time. After all anyone can create a study, and state anything as fact, even if it is completely incorrect.
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    It's because they wash their battery eggs and have a little red stamp their eggs with an EB (their initials) and whatever you see in the paper/magazine and TV is true....... Kinda like buy my yellow fleshed chickens because their better for their diet, or buy my baked beans because my dog keeps trying to sell the family recipe and he can really talk!!!!!!!!!

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