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Just saw the best show ever!!!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by yomama, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Last night my husband, two daughters and I were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to see the show Cavalia. If you have never heard of it, I highly recommend you Google it and check it out. It is like watching a Cirque de Solei performance, but with horses too. OMG, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Highly talented people and horses. What's so cool is that in half of the performances done by the horses, the horses were not wearing anything, it was all by voice, and touch commands. I love seeing horses in their natural state, not all covered in saddles and halters. Though they did alot of riding with that stuff too, but it was like dressage from long ago, very pretty. It also had alot of trick riding, but not exactly like you would see at rodeos or something. Alot of acrobats with and without the horses. Absolutely magical!!!!! It almost brought tears to my eyes at times, it was so awe inspiring. I wish I could of taken pics, but they said no pics or videos during the performance. They do have some on youtube and other places. My family and I are major horse lovers, even though we don't have one...yet. But I think even someone who isn't a major horse lover would appreciate how awesome this show is.
    Just thought I would share.

  2. Avalon1984

    Avalon1984 Songster

    Dec 22, 2010
    I lost one of my horses yesterday. Don't think I can watch it right now, but maybe later. It does sound interesting.
  3. Quote:Oh, I'm so very sorry. Yeah, it would probably be a little hard to watch. Maybe down the road some. I think as a horse owner, you would love it, once you've had some time to heal.
  4. Jane Jill Jack

    Jane Jill Jack Chirping

    Nov 8, 2010
    I saw Cavalia last year in November too. It was special, with the lighting and such well-trained and talented horses, but it cost a lot! I just finished selling tickets for my own horse organization which performs an annual show and only cost a fraction of cavalia's price, and it had just as much skilled and entertaining riding and floor tricks, if not more. Of course it was performed in a more rodeo-kind of enviornment, and the performers were high school kids, but I could still be satisfied just as well. But it's good to hear you enjoyed it so much.
  5. Glenmar

    Glenmar Songster

    Jan 17, 2011
    Quote:[​IMG] What happened?? Your horses are beautiful. So sorry.
  6. Avalon1984

    Avalon1984 Songster

    Dec 22, 2010
    Quote:[​IMG] What happened?? Your horses are beautiful. So sorry.

    Thank you guys. I don't want to hijack this thread. She came down with a severe colic friday and died Sunday morning. Small intestine colic. I should have probably let her go Saturday but we were still hoping and didn't know what we do now. She was only 3 and was supposed to be my next brood mare [​IMG] We are all a bit devastated here right now. That was one of the most gentle and toughest fillies I have ever seen. Whoever replaces her will have some big shoes to fill. Thank you all again [​IMG]

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