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  1. I have 15 banties, one very, very, large banty, (which is the only one laying yet),3 guineas and 3 blue palm turkeys in a 12 x 16 shed/coop. They are all penned in at night but free range during the day. I must thank the person who came up with the cement block and 40 watt bulb. Ingenious. I found out from this site today that I have to change their feed as there is only one laying so far. They are a bit over 5 months old. Not really concerned that only one is laying so far, but.....
    I use only straw for bedding. I forget what the system is called, but I simply put new straw over the old. Lazy old man here. There are at least 5 different breeds of them, excluding that gigantic hen. She's the first one out every morning when I open up the coop/shed. I throw out their scratch in the mornings, and there is always feed available if they want it. I have been including crumbles and oyster shells, which I will stop tomorrow, and will get more starter/grower. DW gives them all kinds of "treats" during the day. A flock of spoiled birds here. Also have 6 slikies in a completely differ living situation. DW has adopted them.
    Although I live in the boonies, I have had NO problem with predators. Don't know why, but I'm not questioning anything there. I did urge two dogs on their way this week. Didn't try to kill them, but they left in a big hurry. I know something could dig in and get them. In the spring I think I will put 4x8x16 solids all the way around. I'm not certain of the ventilation yet, but I have noticed no problems. Will keep paying attention to that.
    I get a huge amount of enjoyment from watching them. They are all over the yard, across the creek, and up in the woods to the south and the west. I haven't tried to make pets of them, and I really didn't plan on eggs or meat. Although those guineas had better start behaving better. They have really gotten aggressive with cocks, hens, makes no difference. They attack each other and it matters not about the chickens, hens and roosters make no difference. They don't bother the "giant" hen or the turkeys I have never had roasted guinea. Yet.
    I wanted to share my experience with others, and thank you all for the great topics and comments. A very knowledgeable group here. Thank ya'll.
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    Sounds like you enjoy your chickens as much as I do mine.
  3. Yeah, I very mu

    Yeah, I do. Their actions are so interesting. Interesting and befuddling. Who ever knew how one of the turkeys would ride on the 4/wheeler with me?

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