Just set 18 Coronation / Split Sussex

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    Well I have finally turned on my number 1 bator.. The Brinsea is chugging right along with 18 Coronation Sussex eggs, and I will add 9 Serama eggs to it tomorrow. So I finally have all 3 bators going...


    35 in the Hova-Bator (BO-SLW-BA)
    14 in the LG (The Great LG Project Thread) (BA - EE - BYC)
    18 In the Brinsea plus 9 Serama tomorrow. (CS/CSS - SERAMA)
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    Mar 18, 2010
    stamford, ct
    Thought I'd share these to keep your anticipation high. [​IMG] These are from Nellie at The Fancy Chick (rockinpaints on BYC), and they hatched on Jan. 22nd. Can't believe how robust and friendly these little ones are!

    First week

    Week 3

    Good luck on your hatch! I've got two dozen plus in at the moment as well.

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