Just set 31 eggs in the bator and now....broody hen!

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    As fate would have it I have 31 eggs in the bator on day 2 and also have my first broody on day 2 as well!

    In the bator I have the following eggs from speckledhen

    8 Blue Orpingtons
    8 Ameraucanas
    5 Barred Rocks

    as well as 10 of my own Blue Jersey Giants.

    Yesterday I attempted to collect eggs early in the afternoon and noticed one of my RIR's. Penny, sitting on the nest. So I thought I would come back later. I almost forgot and when I finally did go get the eggs it was dark. My son was with me and he reached down to get the eggs about the time I shined the light and Penny was still there. Scared him half to death! Anyway, this morning she was still there and I have been checking all day and she hasnlt moved. So, I have read all the broody threads and decided to go see if she would puff up and growl.... uhhh, yeah, she did at the same time she pecked the *(*& out of my thumb. I came back in the house bleeding so I guess she is really broody!

    The hen house is big and there are 27 hens and 2 roos. So I decided to move her to a place where she could be alone and not have to fight the other hens. We quickly made a small box for her in the new coop. I put on my beekeeping gloves, that are leather and go all the way to my elbow, and went in for the steal. She was quite upset at being grabbed but after a few pecks on the leather she realized she was helpless and gave up. I held Penny while my son collected the 7 eggs. We moved her to the new coop and nest box.

    I put fresh water and food right by the box. Penny was squaking loudly like hens do when they lay eggs. The new coop shares the same inside wall so the other hens started squaking loudly from the other coop. As Penny was squaking she was gobbling up food and water like she was starving. I waited about 5 minutes and she was still yelling and walking around the new coop. I put her in the nest box and she ran right out. I was thinking things were not looking very good.....

    So, I completely turned out the small light that was on and she stopped yelling. I went in the house and got a pin flashlight and went back and shined it through the window. I could see she was in the nest and with the little bit of light from the flashlight she started moving the eggs. I waited until they were all under her and she was completely sitting and turned the flash light off.

    So, now I have 31 in the incubator and 7 under her. I might put some more Blue Jersey Giants under her tomorrow. Since her eggs and the incubator eggs are all hatching the same day I wonder how many chicks is too many to put with Penny. Maybe I can put all of them with her depending on how many hatch and let her do the work of raising them........
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    Good luck with those, Jay! Hopefully, your black Ameraucana will have some buddies soon. It's not long till spring and I bet my Sunny will be only my first broody this spring. One of the PoufyHead Sisters is bound to go over the edge, having both Cochin and Silkie and a broody BR in their background. Can't wait till your first candling report!

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