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    Sep 15, 2011
    Alright... I just set eggs for the first time ever. At 4am because I was so excited. Eggs were shipped, though so have to see how it goes. And I learned yesterday that my post office REALLY doesn't care how a package is labeled. The post office worker carried the boxes over in a basket and tilted as if he was going to dump it on the counter. I grabbed them so they wouldn't fall. Not to mention the 3+ heads I must have had when I asked them if they could just hold them for me to pick up. Anyway. None were broken (great packing hoppy and jenlynn4). The guy said, "Hey lady, dees things get tossed around. If dey ain't pack right........" (Best New England accent here). Ok, well, can you at least pretend to handle it with gentle loving care while simply handing it to me??

    Anyway... shipped eggs are a gamble. And now 17 are set 12/8, 4am. Now to watch temp and humidity and see what happens! I have two hygrometers and 3 thermometers in. It apparently only takes a little bit of water to raise the humidity. Check. All eggs are weighed and will be watching for about 5% weight reduction per week. I don't even have a candler yet, so I won't be tempted until that gets here. I plan to check them about once per week and really otherwise, admire them through the window of the incubator (hovabator 1602 c fan and turner).

    Only downside is that I am scheduled to work on the Thursday 3 weeks from now. Some of my eggs looked like they were laid on 11/29 though, so I didn't want to wait too long to get them in. Hope I can sneak away during the hatch. 8)

    Ok... now back to bed.

  2. what breeds did u order [​IMG]

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