Just set my Serama Eggs from Jerry!!

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    I just set my serama eggs from Jerry today and also from theron(byc) yesterday. Can't wait to see if I have a good hatch! I have a new King Suro. Seems to be working great I have the humidity at 40%. If I have a good hatch I will have some chicks available after I pick which I will keep. [​IMG] I will keep my fingers crossed. I love seramas but have not had much luck with my hatches. I also set 14 true araucana eggs in my genesis hova bator. If I have a good hatch I will also have some available. I am so excited I have never hatched this many eggs at once. A total of 53 eggs and also I have 12 more serama eggs comming early next week. I got a bit carried away. But love those seramas. Let me know if you are interested I will let you know how the hatch goes. I cannot keep them all but love to hatch them I will only keep a few.
    [​IMG] I am a little chicken crazy lol
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