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    Dec 8, 2012
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    Ok so I have a white leghorn hen named Jesse. She was the first chicken I ever had, and the luckiest. She has survived 2 hawk a coyote and a bobcat attack on the flock. She also suffers from epileptic seizures, every time something or someone touches her she falls down and spazes for a min and then just lays there likes she's dead but then she just gets up and continues on with life. because of this the other chickens pick on her and she hasn't gained weight since she was 8 weeks old. Recently my chickens had to move to my friends house and Jesse's condition continued. The other day my friend called me up and said that Jesse had a seizure but she never stopped twitching and she wasn't breathing right and she had stopped responding to movement or sound. I was devastated because I had no way of getting to her to say good bye. My friend loves her too so she rapped her up in a blanket and took her to her room so she could be comfortable. BUT WAIT!!!!! Remember when I said Jesse was the luckiest chicken in the world? Well I wasn't kidding. When my friend woke up the next morning Jesse was running around in her acting just fine! Since then she has not had a seizure and has gained weight and is the head honcho of the flock!!! Luckiest. Chicken. Ever.
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    maybe she is half fainting goat.[​IMG]

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