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    Ok so I have a full grown Polish that just showed up. It wasnt with my flock but rather in my yard walking around. It is either a young roo or a hen. HA HA good odds huh. Anyhow that is not the question at this moment. My kids and I rounded it up and I put it in a cat carrier for now. All my cages are full and I didnt want it to mingle with the other peeps. I will take pictures in the daylight. Anyhow it is thin I can feel its breast bone ALOT!! It also seems to have runny poo and ate a little but not much. I guess after the trama of being chased and put in a cat carrier it may not be hungry or may be sick. I have got chickens before but this one just with weight and runny stool I want to know what to do before putting it anywhere near everyone else. I did a quick inspection did not see any mites and poo did not have worms or atleast any full grown wiggily ones in it! Where should I start. Oh and it seems like the poo smells bad but then again it could be cause she is in a cat carrier and well its a bit to small. I have a package of Tetracycline hydrochloride that I have on hand for any issues with the flock or when I do usually get a newbie. Thing is the newbies dont normally seem to have issues this one does. I dont want to start light and then have to keep trying something else and something else. Where should I start I have my layers and the kids showgirls and the one curly roo also the 22 5 1/2 week old chicks I really want to go with the side of caution what should I do? Can I give it shots of Penn? Thanks

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    try and set up a temporary place to keep the bird, protected from draft and wet..also important to try and keep it warm and quiet, and quarantined from your flock...
    do practice bio-security measures..(wear gloves, etc..and try not to cross contaminate..take care of your flock first before the newbie.)

    there's no telling where the bird came from..if it was dropped in your yard, or was wandering and came in..no telling what the bird has eaten or has been drinking that could be effecting the droppings.

    describe in detail the droppings..color and consistency..
    are they mucusy? are they foamy? watery? undigested food?

    best thing to do if possible is to take a fecal sample to a vet for testing..for worms and protozoa (cocci). sometimes called a fecal float..not too expensive and any vet can do it.

    if you aren't able to do that, I'd worm the bird with Wazine 17 for one day, but first feed the bird with this mixture:

    1 cooked egg yolk
    2 tablespoons of plain yogurt
    3-4 tablespoons of regular oatmeal
    drizzle of honey or dab of unsweetened applesauce.

    these amounts are for 1 day..divide into 3 feeds for the day, and give for 5 days along with regular feed available all the time.
    give poultry vitamins in drinking water ((slightly diluted mix),
    or Poly-vi-sol liquid baby vitamins, Enfamil brand, NO IRON formula..
    give 3 drops on beak once a day for 3 days..
    2 drops for 3 days,
    then 1 drop for 3 days.

    see how the droppings are..see how the bird is..could be stressed..

    Depending on the droppings...I would worm with Wazine, then see..
    the problem is that if the bird has cocci or picked up a bacteria it needs treatment..
    so keep a close watch on the droppings and symptoms.

    if droppings continue to be runny...get Sulmet or Sulfadimethoxine.

    watch closely for other symptoms such as wheezing or mucus, etc..

    keep us updated with info in case of need for different med. or care.
    I always like to have Tylan 50 on hand..available at most farm/feed/livestock stores..and syringes.

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