Just showing off some sweetness :) **Pics**

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ZooMummzy, Jan 11, 2010.

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    It's hard to believe my babies are almost a week old now! Just wanted to show them off a bit since they are probably my last chicks of the this year (I'm taking a Spring off from raising chicks) and they are from my second only hatch ever. I was scared to death but I'm happy with the results [​IMG] I have lots and lots of sweetness for my sweet tooth [​IMG]

    Clementine, my Spangled OEGB

    Rudy, her little brother (we think)

    Alida, my Serama

    Ainslee, my other Serama my broody Silkie is raising

    and Reese, my other Serama. I have decided to keep the trio (hopefully 2 females and a male) and try for more Seramas since I am in love with the breed now

    Una, I think a Silkie (egg wasn't marked) that my daughter has bonded with

    Tallulah, egg was marked Sizzle but I don't know for sure yet

    Casey, a Barred OEGB. I've been sexing these by the legs and headspot, hoping it holds true

    Emery, another Barred OEGB

    Payton, from another unmarked egg but I'm thinking Cochin

    Avery, from an egg marked Sizzle, but I don't think so. Not really sure on this one yet. We really want it to be a girl, but not getting that vibe.

    Annelise, an OEGB but not sure of the coloring. It's a light grayish white, almost lavender or porcelain?

    If you need more sugar, lol, I have lots more photos of the babies at my flickr website - link in my signature
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    Aaaaaaaawwww.... [​IMG] So cute
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    Really cute and great names!
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    My Coop
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    Clementine is the cutest little thing! [​IMG] (Well, they all are, actually.)

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