Just some fun pictures I took today .....


12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
I watch my critters through the windows - and sometimes every once in awhile someone will do something that makes me smile..
here is Wally and Abbey sleeping off a hot day , I love how their legs are touching each other like they are holding each other ..


Here is Gypsy - sometimes a nap attack can happen anywhere and any time ..


and this is the sadiest picture I took all day .. an empty brooder
my baby ducks are only on day 15 and TS dont have the baby chicks in yet


hmmm Boxers goofy yeap -- smart ?? I dont know about that one LOL

yea my dogs are pretty close they love each other - if one is missing from the pack the others will look for the missing family member - Wally is very close to the girls - if one of them is not out there he will whine and cry like a puppy looking for his mommy - he is such a lovebug.

the dog house they are sleeping in is huge - it is two pallets long and when those two were sleeping in the door way no-one else could get in !!

very spoiled dogs

Gypsy's Wild Rose - she is a white boxer pup not even 6 months old (born on thanksgiving).
She is a goof ball I have no idea how she ended up being a headless dog !!
I guess she was looking for something under the couch and just ran out of energy??

When I worked at the humane society we had a white Boxer come in and as soon at they realized he had an eye infection-of all things- they wanted to euthanize him. I BEGGED for them to let me find a rescue to take him and the Arkansas Boxer rescue found a home for him in Mephis and so I got him pulled (paid the fee myself) and he went on to live in a great home and was named Marley.
Is your girl deaf? I know alot of them that are white are deaf (kinda like my white pit bull).

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