Just some updated pics of the ladies.

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    It amazes me that they all hatched the same day and yet Dixie and Daisy have such large combs and wattles in comparison
    to Jasmine. Here you can see Dixie and Daisy in the foreground:

    Dixie again here:

    And here's Jasmine. She's the hen with an attitude!

    Actually, she has gotten a little better.

    They are 30 weeks old, and only Dixie is laying so far. She's been laying for a little over 2 weeks. I suspect the others have
    not started yet from a combination of being late bloomers combined with shorter days. I don't add artificial light.

    So that's our little flock. I love them so much. The are so incredibly beautiful with their shiny buff colored feathers. They are full of
    cute personality (and sassyness in Jasmine!!). If you haven't checked out my blog lately, please come over for a visit: Our Country Chronicles
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    May 11, 2010
    They are beautiful! Has Jasmine assumed rooster behavior of your all-girl flock?
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    Quote:Actually she hasn't. She's the lowest on the pecking order, and just seem more stand offish. She's come a
    long way since that last post on her though. The other girls will come and follow me when it's time to go back
    into the chicken run. The go in on command, but she always hangs back. It gives me the opportunity to bring
    her treats without the the others there and I will usually take that opportunity to pick her up and "carry" her to
    the chicken run. She still has her moments of meanness, but she doing better. [​IMG]
  4. Keltara

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    I can't wait for spring so I can raise a few more Buff Orpingtons!!

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