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    Mar 7, 2014
    Chicken math is already getting me. We are building our coop this weekend and I know we need to build it bigger than originally planned cuz now I want some silkies too! Maybe a silkie roo too!
    so starting with 8 red pullets and then knowing I will want to add more chickens... I need at the very least 40-50sq ft of coop.. right?
    Can I make separate rooms in it and keep adding on ?
    plan on a little tikes playhouse raised off the ground and also enclose the space underneath it too with a floor.
    i have a fenced in backyard that is plenty big. We will let them out when we are home to keep an eye on them.
    Building the coop and run inside the fence.
    I want happy girls.
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    Jul 29, 2013
    Hi! Welcome to BYC!!

    Plan on 4sq ft per hen inside, and 10 sq ft in an outside run as an average to have happy hens. And yes, you can add on. [​IMG]

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