Just Starting today from UK - love this website so useful


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Sep 9, 2011
Stroud, UK
Hello all

I'm Fran and from the UK and I've been keeping chooks for three years. This year I've been brave and started to do some hatching and have really enjoyed it, even with all the associated problems..............

I have an assortment of Marans, Hybrids and Wyandottes large fowl. I wasn't really a lover of the bantams until someone offered me some Pekins(Cochins) and now I absolutely love them and am intending to break my rules about no boys!!

Thats it really, thanks in advance for all your help

Fran x


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Sep 22, 2009
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Welcome from another Californian who also wasn't interested in bantam breeds ..... At first. Now I have several in my flock. My bantam Cochin Roos are the cutest little fellows! A bantam buff brahma roo is the second in command with my large fowl Easter Egger dominant rooster. And the Silver Sebright roosters strut around like they are the drum majors of the flock.

You're gonna love BYC. Its members are the BEST - informative, helpful, supportive, understanding, and FUNNY.


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