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    Nov 1, 2013
    As assistant director of a youth group, our director wants to get me started on pigeons now that she has my foot in the door with chickens.

    I've helped her care for hers for almost two years now so care isn't the issue. It's breeds. And where I live, there are few breeders to ask and help me along.

    The breeds that have sparked my interest the most.
    Saints, Mookees, Saxon Priests, and Indian Fantails.

    The first two being the ones I'm hopelessly drawn to. But before I end up with a life story I should ask.

    I know a bit about mookees, I talked to a breeder at our show recently. But I want to know if I'm going to end up with a wild breed. I already had to cross Archangels off for now because of that. I have had experience with Modena's so I can manage a breed that is fussy but will calm down.

    If I find a seller, how can I make sure they'll be straight with me? Our director went blind recently so she's mostly worried about me being able to identify with color standards.

    Basically any advanced questions beyond housing and feeding is what I need. I really have my heart set on Saints if I can find a seller so I'm hoping for some good news about them? [​IMG]

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