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Jun 7, 2012
My gals are not laying much... days are getting shorter... same thing as everybody on here. I have been looking for hrs to try to get a straight answer...

Red Light or Clear light??
I will put it on in the am... with a timer for 14-16 hrs of light.
I will not be using it for heat.. its still +13-14 here.
In the roof of the coop is only 5 feet high so the light is hanging from there.. roosts not far from it but the light has a cover so birds can not harm themselves.

SO Please... RED Light... Clear light... Approx wattage? flood light, soft light, infara~ heat... what type of BULB??

The hens that have already stopped laying... with lights on... will they start again or is there a cycle now? These ladies are not even 12 mo but they all just started laying when the days started to shorten... i'm hoping to keep them going.
Ok i'm going to clean the hen house... hopefully I will get a reply for tonight!!
I just put two 40 watt shoplights in my run. (10'x20') comes on at 4am, off at 5pm.
We have 6 hens that are about 7-8 months old. I have a little rechargeable LED light that I put in the coop about an hour before sunrise. I don't have any outside lighting in the run and I don't add any light inside the coop at night. Tonight they were already in for the night before 5pm, and we got 5 eggs today. I'm hoping this routine works for most of the winter, as we're not adding heat to the coop either.

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