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  1. cnj-tx50

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    Jun 19, 2009
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    I have 25 ladies and one gentleman that all are around 5-6 months. I now getting 12 to 18 eggs a day. The two slackers are a bit younger by about 3 weeks and are brahams. One little girl goes in and just sets on the top of the nesting boxes like she's roosting and the other just goes in and out. For the last four days I have been finding just the yolk in the nesting boxes. No white no shell. They are on Layena feed with free oyster shell. Could this be growing pains? Or could something else be going on? I don't think it's from any of the others as have no problems with any other eggs since day one. Any ideas?
  2. chuckzoo

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    Apr 20, 2009
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    I have no idea! One of my barred rocks layed a shelless egg on her first attempt. Then she got it right and now lays me beautiful brown eggs, even in the cold!
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    It'll probably sort itself out.

    Ew. [​IMG]
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    It will likely self correct. But be sure to prevent any other chooks from eating it. You could soon have a bunch of egg-eaters. If possible, might be best to isolate her. Not doing anything may result in what I said and them you will have a real problem. Only other solution after that happens, is a rework of all nests so that eggs roll thru a hole into a place that chooks cannot reach. [​IMG]

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