Just want to be w/ my chickens!


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
Sometimes, I just hate all the 'hoop-la' that comes along w/ fall... I just want to stay at home and be w/ my chickens and NO one understand.. It's not even Dec. yet and I am already tired of festivals, reunions, ball games and other things going on..
I just want to be a hermit and watch my chickens and snuggle w/ the dogs.. Anyone else?? Do you just want to say "NO thank you" and sit in your backyard w/ your girls???

I think I will have to change my name to " Dixie hermit' instead of Dixiedoodle....
This is the time of year when we go out to LIVE in our yards because we've been COOPED up in our AC cooled homes for 6 months.

And the pool was a tad chilly in the back yard after our morning walk!
I'm with you on that one, and not just in the fall! My husband and I are certified hermits! Neither of us enjoys being with a crowd or going to "functions", we much prefer the peace and quiet and critters. And yes, our friends think we're crazy and I couldn't care less!
Me too. I love my job but I deal with people that have a lot of stress and emotional issues, so when I get home, I just want to be quiet and regroup. Its great to get to regroup with chickens; I highly recommend it...
I could not agree more. Thankfully my home and backyard are my sanctuary from the craziness of work and the world. We should all be thankful that we can find peace and rest in our backyards with our happy chickens and family.
Oh, yeah, this time of year I get Fall Fever. All I want to do is ride my horses, walk the dog, and piddle with my birds.
Oh, I love that Pineapplemama!! I am so glad I can come here and have others who understand..

It was beautiful, today, 65* , sun was shining.. and I HAD to go shopping for all the stuff we needed for the family reunion, tomorrow..

Tues and Wed. my 3yr old grandson (thank goodness he love the chickens).spent the night w/ us--momma was at a work conference.. Thrus. we had a banquet for one of dh's favorite charities..Last night dh and I went to see his favorite uncle (he has cancer). Tonight my oldest grandson has a ball game and our oldest dd is coming in and is coming by to pick me up for the game--because 'we haven't seen him play this yr.' Tomorrow reunion ETC, ETC ETC.. lol It will be this way until Jan... Then the birthdays will start...

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