Just wanted to report gender ratio of Ideal bantams that I rec'd

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    Jul 11, 2008
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    I got 16 bantams from Ideal on May 20. There were four GLW bantams, four blue silkies, four black frizzles (3 smooth-feathered) and four sultan bantams. In the first few days, I lost a GLW and two sultans.

    The babies are 8 weeks old now, and I am sure of gender on all of them. Of the 13 remaining chicks, I have:

    A pair of bantam sultans
    A trio of GLW's
    A cockerel and three silkie pullets (one bearded)
    A cockerel and three frizzle/bantam cochin pullets. The one frizzled baby is a pullet.

    I can't believe my luck! Only four cockerels out of thirteen babies. Now I have to decide who to keep and who to re-home. Shouldn't be too hard as county fair is coming up by the end of September.

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