Just wanted to say hello from Georgia


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Jun 8, 2017
So excited to find this and be able to ask questions. I have wanted chickens for years so I started 2 years ago with bantams and this year I went a little crazy and bought lots of different chicks and just became over run with our turkey babies but I love it. My fave so far is my naked necks even though my kids and family think they are just so ugly lol.

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Still crazy after all these years.
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Aug 26, 2009
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You didn't go crazy, you just got a chicken addiction and a fast course in chicken math. We are a bunch of enablers and will never say you have too many chickens.

In fact since you like turkens, I think you would love "Showgirls," do check out that thread. Showgirls are a variety of Silkie, a much fancier kind of turken.
They have the naked necks or bow ties, but, the feathers of a silkie and can be any of the silkie colors. Also tend to be very good broody mamas just like a regular silkies.

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