Just wanted to show off our presents!

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  1. This last week we've had the Gin Twins staying from the UK. (if you've read 'Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools', you'll understand about the Gin Twins!)

    Anyway, they brought loads of gifts from England. This is a pic of our garden table with some of the presents laid out. (Notice the reindeer antlers!)


    The Gin Twins come and visit every year and make us laugh until our jaws ache. Everybody needs friends like them.

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    What no Spotted Dick? My friend from the UK always seems to bring that LOL

    I'll have to look into that book [​IMG]

  3. Lol! No spotted dick, but extra hot curry and chili powder. I love Spanish food but they don't do curry. Or if they do it doesn't have much 'kick' to it, if you know what I mean. They brought their copies of my book for me to sign and that was really special because it was the very first time I actually saw it. My author copies from the publisher still haven't arrived yet. So actually holding, feeling and smelling a real published copy was amazing! And signing it made me feel like a real celebrity! [​IMG]

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    I don't know how I ever missed your previous posts, but I caught this one,

    AWESOME, your chicken stories are cute, great blog too. I think I just have to order that book now.

    Keep up the fun [​IMG]

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    Hi Victoria, when I saw that pic the first thing I thought was that you got to see your book! Even when you like living abroad, its always nice to get a few things from back home. I hope you had a nice visit with the gin twins, and add some extra curry into a paella and it will be wonderfull.
  6. Quote:Hey! That's so kind of you! You're making me feel like a celebrity all over again...

    If you, or anybody would like free feathery bookmarks (no chickens harmed in the making) or a monthly 'Chickens' newsletter with recipes, just PM me.

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    oh wow your book sounds like just what I enjoy reading. Do I just go to Amazon or is there a better place to buy it?

  8. Quote:Hi Jen!

    Curry in the paella? What a good idea!

    We had a great time with the Gin Twins, as usual. They are just sooooo funny, like a double act. When they arrived, the Log Man had just dumped a huge pile of logs for us. The Gin Twins helped stack them even before they had unpacked. I took a tiny video of them (one minute) which is on YouTube . It's my first attempt at a movie, so don't expect too much! You'll hear my horrible voice doing the voice-over. What made us laugh was that one Twin looked like she was working really hard while the other one was just picking up sticks and putting them down somewhere else.


    PS If the link doesn't work, tell me. I'm pretty hopeless at technology.
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    Love the 'crow' at both the start and finish!

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    That's cute ! oh lord Paella.... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A man that used to cook for the prez on Air Force One opened up a resturaunt in my area.... his paella was..... incredible

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