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At the insistence of my husband (Honey, they HAVE to get acclimated!), we put our younger hens in with our older hens/roosters. Of course, the pecking order establishment ensued and the newbies piled up in a corner of the fence. Plenty of room to breathe and not smother each other, but they were scared to death of the big'uns. We put extra roosts in there for them to escape onto, and a hide away area in a roll of fencing they could run into. Of note, this is NOT the first time they've been together, and they've always done fine all together out in the yard while ranging around under supervision. So, gradually, they've been spendin more and more time together. But hubby said we have to finally put and keep them together so they'll get this pecking thing overwith and live happily ever after. He was just out there at the coop and came knocking on the window. Asked me to get him a trash bag cause there are four dead newbies out there. I looked out when I got him the trash can. He's axel-greasing one in the pen, and I see at least another one that is bloodied. Now I'm gonna have to go out there (after I'm already showered, dressed for work and ready to leave) and separate what's left of the new chickens back into their original pen so the older ones don't finish 'em off. I should've stood my ground and said NO, they'll stay separated. But I was tired of debating, and he was right...they needed to be acclimated and all together. Well now I'm thinking... (beginning of sarcasm)gooooooood....they're acclimated! Some of 'em are DEAD but he**, at least THEY'RE ACCLIMATED!! (end of sarcasm) Grrrrrr!!!!! Thanks for listening..... I'm not an angry and bitter person, but this upsets me.

PS: Not to play favorites, but those dead ones better not be my blue laced red wyandottes!!!!

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I'm so sorry. It's always heartbreaking to loose birds you raised yourself. Was there much of a size disparity? I usually wait until the babies are nearly full grown before putting them in with adult birds. That way, if the older birds decide to pick on the new kids, they have a fighting chance.
Oh, I"m keeping my fingers crossed that your BLW survived.


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Oct 28, 2009
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Ive recently put my 2 new birds in with the 3 existing ones ..The 2 new ones are older but are bantams, so are alot smaller .. Its painful to watch the pecking order fights..One of the bantams is in a right mess ..Not bloodied or anything just covered in mud from where she has been beat up ... I really feel sorry for her

Im sorry to hear of you loss.. Im praying that none of mine end up like that ..

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