Just when I thought things cant get any worse!

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  1. We have to sell my donkey cuz of fiances. Alot of our animals are having to be sold. Hubby was sent to the hospital monday night and found he had a stomache ulcer and they believe something is wrong with his heart, but not sure entirely. So...He's out of work now and have no idea when he will be back. Top that off, Son been sick all week, missing school. Finally able to get him squeezed into the dr office today. Found out that on top of his asthma, he also has Bronchitis. This poor little 4 year old is now on 10, yes i same TEN the big TEN, different type of medication to treat both his asthma and bronchitis.

    We let my daughter stay home today cuz we gotten up late, and it was a good idea that we did. As soon as hubby and son came home from DR. She started SCREAMING bloody murder that her ears hurt. Then the baby started throwing up. Now I have 3 kids fighting over Mommy's attention, and daddy is off doing something else somewhere outside.

    If I can't get my daughter to at least sleep for more then 5 minutes, looks like Im going to have to take her to the ER. As for the baby, she just threw up once but she is always demanding my 100% attention. Thanks for my son's meds, he is knocked completely out!

    This is enough to make one person go INSANE and I swear Im just on the boarder of it!
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    Aug 10, 2009
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    So sorry..................... [​IMG] Hope things get better. My hubby is on a lot of meds for his lungs too, it's terrible.....
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    You poor thing! You will be in my prayers!
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