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How come people do not ship hatching eggs from the US to Canada or from Canada to the US? Is it just that the shipping is so high or are there import laws stating that you can't do something like that?
There may be a law that I don't know about but it cost me $20 for the cheapest package I can ship to Canada. Then the receiver must pay a duty on it also. This alone would keep me from shipping eggs across the border unless they were very valuable eggs.
There's quite a bit of 'red-tape' from my understanding, too much for most people to worry about. There are some that ship to Canada, but not many.
Thanks for the info. I was wanting to see about getting some quail eggs shipped here but didn't know if I really would be able to. Like I said before I asked at the post office but can't get a straight answer. I keep getting different answers from different people.
You need paper work to ship eggs or birds to any state, not sure how much more you need to ship to Canada. NPIP papers for sure and would think custom papers also.
It really can be quite expensive to ship across the border. There are a few people who will go in on orders of chicks or young birds but only because they order many many birds is it worth their while to ship them over the border. It is also a wise idea, on occasion, because it varies your breeding stock.
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Peewee, I'm sorry I can't help you out. I have never shipped as I'm just starting my covey out now. I believe that BaronRenFrew here has shipped over the border but mentioned in a threat that the cost was prohibitive.

I purchased my quail from a woman who purchased eggs and mentioned that she was unable to sell the chicks locally for a profit because of the cost of arranging for papers for them.

It can also be tricky to find a breeder who is willing to deal with the red tape on the shipping end of the deal too, and monetary compensation potentially comes into play here too.

I wonder what redtape there is to drive your own eggs over the border? I know you have to claim fruits and veggies...I'm assuming eggs?
I doubt you would have to claim eggs but I don't know for sure. The reason you must claim fruits & vegetables is insects plant there eggs in them & you may be carrying something that could upset the eco balance. I know it cost $13 to ship a small flat rate box & $20 to ship a medium flat rate from USA to Canada. About three pages of paperwork to go with it then the receiver is responsible for duties once it gets there.

I have shipped a bunch of poultry plucking fingers & pluckers over. It also takes about two weeks for delivery so hatch rate would drop tremendously.
Shipping from the US to Canada is "easy" compared to the other way around....

There is a lot of paperwork and testing involved. NPIP testing isn't done here and getting a vet that knows what to do and will do it is difficult and pricey(and most of us bird keepers here live too far away from any gov approved Vets too, only the CFIA Vets are allowed to deal with import/export).
A breeder I know send 3 white Dutch bantams to someone in Montana and I think it cost around $350 for the papers alone. The birds themselfs were free I think.
Shipping isn't easy either, can't ship live bird by mail or bus, only by plane so you have to go through a lot of paperwork there since this spring as well. Before you basically call the Airport, ask them if they could take some livebirds as cargo and they tell you when the next flight leaves and when you have to be there(and will take roughly $120 for a small cat crate). Now they need you to sign a special contract etc and are very nitpicky about the crates(no more dog or cat crates unless the front and side holes are covered with fine wire mesh not even a fly will fit through).

I think the birds cannot be flown into the US either, they have to be driven there and then vet checked at the border as well.

Edited to add*- As for eggs, they too need oodles of paperwork, not matter which side of the line they are from. Otherwise they will most likely not make it over the border cause they will most likely be caught and held when they go through the X-Ray.......

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