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Jul 19, 2009
darlington pa
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My Coop
hello i was wondering if any one else is having this problem,I have been posting items for sale,when ever it gets sold ,i am being told by buyer the check is in the mail.Meanwhile 8 days later the check still has not gotten here. This has happened about 10 times so far!One time i waited 30 days for payment!I am venting thanks
Yes it happens more often these days than it ever used to.
Ask for the check before you ship the item and give a deadline on when you will release the item for sale to others. Or explore your paypal options. That way you can get paid before you ship the item.
Hey.. i just checked out your old auction items...

Do you still have that butter churn? And if so.. can i see a pic of it? Thanks!
I haven't read all the rules of selling things on here but what about PayPal. It doesn't cost them anything to open an account. I don't think it costs you much either to receive bank transfers and credit cards.

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