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8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
How early typically, do rocks begin to lay? Has anyone ever had one go broody on their first egg?? The reason I ask is this, I've got 2 who do not wish to come out of the coop today while the other 7 are happily enjoying the cooling of the day. They are alert, they are just sitting in the coop in the straw together. Earlier the white rock mix was sitting sepertely but now it is way in the back with the barred rock. Another funny thing is this, i posted pics last week wondering how many of each gender did everyone think i had. Almost unanimously the vote was all roosters. I purchased them at the beginning of April so they are still pretty young, coming up on 3 months. there is no panting or lethargy or anything to indicate illness, just hangin out in the coop together. These 2 are also the ones that I personally thought were female but i had only 1 other person agree with me. So.....could it be that I was right and these 2 are going broody on their first lay or do i have a pair of lazy day chickens on my hands?
If you have seven roosters and two hens, the hens are avoiding the roosters!!! They are too young to be broody.

Even if they are all roosters, those two could be just avoiding the larger boys.
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I thought so as well. It's funny because i THINK its the 2 that are always bickering! out of 10 chickens i've got 2 that bicker like a married couple...or "the odd couple" I hope they snap out of it, from very recent happenings if something happens with these guys, i'm not going to be well at all.
If they are scared to go out, you need to get rid of some roosters. Butcher, pen then apart form the main group, or offer them for free on Craigslist.
They've been together since day 1 and were all out together off and on today, just more off. We'll see how tomorrow goes and i have plans on getting rid of at least 4 of them very soon. Possibly 5
They're out and about with the rest again this morning. I guess they're like me and just dont like this heat! Everyone is getting along fine eating and lookin for bugs already.

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