Juvenile/Adult Silkie for my students.


Apr 7, 2018
I am a special education teacher working with at-risk children. I have worked with students with emotional disabilities as a classroom teacher for my entire career and developed a pet therapy program that was so very helpful for the students! I have found chickens to be especially soothing and I have an extensive collection of very cool chicken resources the students love! I am contacting you in hopes of purchasing one juvenile/adult silkie chicken. My other two chickens actually belong to my daughter and she will not be available to escort them to my program for my group of students. I really need a gentle, loving chicken for these children to "call their own." (And me, too!) To stay compliant with my town's ordinance, I can only purchase one to join the others in our tiny flock. I am hoping you will be able to help me - or know someone who can. Thank you so much! Bonnie Sue Bastin, Special Education teacher
I live in Sussex County, NJ

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