Juvenile Araucana Trio - Shipping Available

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    They have already been vaccinated for mareks and are completely healthy at this point. This trio will set you up for success with a tufted roo on two clean faced pullets to eliminate the fatal tufting gene. You will get a variety of colored chicks from these two as well as sky blue eggs.

    This includes:
    • 1x Double tufted / Rumpless Blue Araucana Cockerel
    • 2x Clean faced / One Rumpless Silver Duckwing & One Rumpless Cuckoo Araucana Pullets

    More pictures of these exact birds are located under our store but only to be sold by this auction.
    The birds pictured represent the quality of the stock we raise. The buyer will be receiving an juvenile trio all ranging between 6-12 weeks old and of actual birds pictured. Buyer pays $60 shipping which includes the box fee. We will ship USPS Overnight Express the following Monday after receipt of payment.
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