juvenile molt temperature and care


7 Years
Apr 21, 2012
San Jose, CA
Hi everyone,

My buff orpington is going throught her adulthood juvenile molt for the first time.
I wanted to know what her environment temperature should be during this period? during day time they are outside of their coop and the weather temp here is 64-72F during the day time and around 54 at nights. We don't use any heating lamp in their coop for nights since the space is small and the two of my chickens keep it pretty warm for themselves. But now that one of my chickens is going through juvenile molt I wanted to know if I should bring them inside at nights or install a heating lamp for them?!

I never provide heat for any molt, juvenile or adult, and sometimes my temperatures are a lot less than what you are talking about. Most juvenile molts are not that dramatic to start with but they can handle it. They really can, even if they have a real dramatic molt.

It's a good question since it sounds like you have not taken chickens through the winter yet, but in San Jose's climate, you have absolutely nothing to worry about from the cold. Your threat comes from summertime heat not winter cold. You don't see cold as far as chickens are concerned.
I'm not sure what you mean by she doesn't eat much. If you have food available to her she should eat enough. If she has forage opportunities she may be finding a lot of food on her own. Some chickens are really good at that.

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