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9 Years
May 22, 2010
Up for your consideration is this very nice young porcelain cockerel from F2 generation breeding of porcelain to porcelain. He was born in February and still has a lot of filling out to do, but looks like he is going to be a beautiful boy. Excellent type, nice dark comb, tons of foot and shank feathering, good toes & spacing, beautiful color. He was vaccinated for Marek's disease at hatch and comes from an NPIP certified and AI tested clean flock. I will ship the Tuesday after Memorial Day in a new shipping box and he will come to you clean & bug free. PLEASE do not bid if your weather is too hot for shipping! Temps over 75 degrees can be very dangerous to a bird in a box if they have some distance to go from the airport to your local post office, since they go by truck with the rest of the mail. It will be up to you to determine your local situation. Local pickup is also welcome:) Payment by paypal due at auction's end, please no e-checks as they take too long to clear. Please pm or email me with any questions and thanks for looking.

Pretty boy!
Thank you! Yes, Kate, he's a sibling to your pair:) I have a few extra boys in that pen & sure can't keep them all. Our weather is still cold!
Arghhhh your killing me! Lol!! My pair are gorgeous so i know he must be too!
ours was fine until today
I would take em all in a heartbeat! It's not going to be fun watching without bidding on any of em!
My hubby would divorce me if I got a rooster... But he's so cute. And he lives pretty close to me. Maybe he won't notice him mingling with my silkied seramas??
I'm going to back out of this auction and pretend I never saw anything... But when my husband is just dying for his silkies I now know who to contact locally.
Wish he was for sale two weeks ago. Too hot now.. Love him anyway!

Maybe next year.

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