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    My 50 K.K. arrived on Thursday. I ordered 50 and 53 showed up all in great health and active even after @40 hours in shipping. Mr. Noll was a very nice man and very honest. So for 50 K.K. and shipping to KS from PA it was 57.00 not too bad! I did loose one yesterday but that was my fault, the heat lamp fell on him and hurt him so I had to put him down.

    They are very active and healthy chicks, so far they enjoy eating, drinking, sleeping, chasing a fly now and again and racing each other up and down the 8ft brooder they are in. Me and my 6 year old put a large grass hopper into them and it was so funny to watch 50+ chicks chase a grass hopper 1/2 thier size up and down the brooder. That was a hoot! We finally took it out because I was afraid if they did catch it and actually kill it it might not be good for them to eat it at 1 1/2 days old.

    Well as they grow I will report on them and how they are doing. Perhaps another possible chicken other than a CX or FR. The peeps are black with a white dot on their heads. Nolls says they should weigh 5 pounds in about 8-10 weeks. We will see. They are suppose to have a superior flavor to the other meat birds as well.
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    nice! keep us posted I love "story" threads and rasing meatbirds with results!
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    pics PLEASE [​IMG]
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    Quote:X2 [​IMG]
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    Dec 1, 2009
    Update on KK chickens they are now 9 weeks old and are averaging 4-5 lbs. They are great foragers and seem to be very active and healthy. I have lost a couple on to an accident two to bad legs and one that did not grow and died. Nolls were really nice folks to work with and seem to have a good product. Not sure what they are crossed on they look like giant Barred Rocks or Marans, some have lighter colored heads almost silver and some have a reddish cast to thier heads, they have jumbo feet! They also seem to have extra large thighs on them. they are tall about 2 ft tall right now. when i have them processed I will know more. They are all roosters, for 50 they sent me 54 it was 57.00 to include shipping quite a bit less than Freedom Ranges. About 30 dollars less.
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