KA POW!!!!! here we go, Now they sound like chickens

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    well I post threads about 1 month ago Because I was wondering about my flock. I'll list some stuff I did not understand

    Barred rock rooster (1 month ago ) about 20 weeks of age

    1.) did not crow
    2.) did not mate hens
    3.) comb pretty small

    and now my hens

    1.) they were almost ready to lay

    Ducks (3 males!!!) and one female ( dont worry Once they started fighting and breeding her I seperated them and now they cant get my my hen)

    1.) did not fight over my hen
    2.) no agression toward each other
    2.) did not really mate my female



    Out hunting in the woods and I almost fainted because my rooster crowed and scared me half to death
    I saw him try to breed one of my hens ( but he did not quit get on top )
    and his comb is HUGE!

    now 2 out of the nine and laying. My black sex-link and I have not figured out the other


    All the males ever do is fight and try to breed my hen. So I have to seperate them. ( 2 pekin makes and a mallard male.)

    Now I feel like I have a real flock of chickens! [​IMG]
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    Apr 15, 2009
    They'll keep you hopping! Glad to hear they are all growing up well and acting as they should. Enjoy!

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