Kansas City 1-2 year old hens


6 Years
Jan 5, 2014
Kansas City Area
I have 6 hens 1.5-2 years old in the Kansas City area. Everyone is happy and healthy. They've been good layers. We are planning to move this summer and I'd like to find them a good new home. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Waffles-Rhode Island Red. Hatched April, 2016
Mabel-Dominique. Hatched April, 2016
Beatrix-Australorp. Hatched April, 2016
Poppy-Easter Egger. Hatched November, 2016
Mochi-Lavendar Orpington. Hatched November, 2016
Audrey-Silver Laced Wyandotte. Hatched November, 2016
awww i love all those breeds! wish i lived in kansas city:( good luck finding them a home!!!

Thanks! It is very bittersweet as I love them and we are moving in order to have a more appropriate venue for a larger flock. Hard to part with them but hopefully I can find them a great place to live with lots of room to roam.
I live on a farm north of KC. I have a large spoiled flock and a nice roomy coop. If they are still available I can pick them up.

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