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I am taking my mean wlh to market this saturday weather permiting. This post is not to debate right or wrong of this ritual. I just need to know what time of year they do this because i am not ok with my chickens being used for this practice. if this weekend is when they do it I will wait until their ritual time has passed. I really hate my white leg horns a lot,because they arwe so mean to each other, but I dont want them used for this ancient ritual.

Respectfully Donna
Interesting. I had to look up what Kapparos Kapparrot ( gotta love wikipedia). I had never heard of this before and never would have known about if not for your post. How did you learn about this? I have learned so many things from the people of BYC.
Kapparos/Kapparot is done in the fall, the head of the family takes a chicken in both hand and circles it over the head of each family member (different chicken for each person) while saying a blessing, it can also be done with money. The chicken is then ritually slaughtered, cleaned and given to the poor. Hypothetically, but now they just slaughter them and throw them out, it is wasteful and gross.
Because of this a lot of Jews now do it with money and give the money to the poor instead.

ETA: Even if you sell your chicken in the fall it will probably not be used for Kapparot unless a Chabad buys it, because Kapparot is always done as a community at a Synagogue or Jewish school, and only Chadad and Lababvitch use a chicken for Kapparot.
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I saw this a long time ago and recorded it to my dvr. americas top model somehow was being recorded for every episode instead of just one and i think it erased the story on this ritual. going from memory here they only used white ones. I called my very jewish step mom whom I dearly love and asked her before posting. she had never even heard of it before and couldnt help me. anyway the WLH are of course all white and since I am getting rid of them, I just wanted to make sure the timing was right so this would not be their fate.... you know what, i dont care if some religion wants to do this. it is their ritual, just not with my chickens.

Donna in Branson

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