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    Hi Everyone! I'm Karen and we live in Amherst, NY which is a suburb of Buffalo. Our family consists of myself, my husband, our two young boys (ages 2 and 4), our 2 labrador retrievers, 3 cats, and now the chickens. I'm a stay-at-home mom and the kids and I love hanging out in the yard with our flock! We feel pretty strongly about eating local food, so chickens were a natural step for us since we already purchase our meat and (raw) milk from local farmers.

    We are pretty new to chickens - we purchased 6 day old chicks from a local Tractor Supply store on 3/12/11. We didn't know when we bought them what they'd turn out to be, but at 18 and a half weeks of age now, we have every reason to believe they are White Leghorns - they are a picture perfect match, BUT they lay brown eggs. Weird, right? But I can't find another breed that comes close to them. I found this site doing research before we purchased the chicks, and have found it to be a great resource!

    Aside from our backyard chickens, we enjoy heirloom vegetable gardening. I look forward to interacting with all of you on the boards!
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    Hi Karen!

    Sounds like you've got a wonderful family and you're an animal lover too! That's really a stumper....white leghorns laying brown eggs.....I wonder just what breed they are.....

    I also have two dogs, and a nice backyard flock of chickens, and I garden too. Heirloom vegetables? Did you buy your seeds from Beekman farm? I love watching that.....I don't have heirloom vegetables, but I did just start canning this year, which I think is fun!

    Take care and glad you joined!
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    Welcome to BYC.
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    Quote:I know those brown eggs were a mystery to me. I created a member page with pictures of our girls, if anyone has any ideas on breeds other than leghorn I'd love to hear them! I'm thinking maybe White Rocks?

    As far as the vegetables, we get our seeds from Baker Creek. It's great fun to grow the old-time veggies - it's actually kind of addicting. We used to grow only a few heirloom plants, but now we're really into it!
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    [​IMG] Brown eggs = white rocks or any breed other than leghorns.
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    Hi from Ga. Welcome aboard
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    Quote:[​IMG] from over here in NH! Sounds like you're a perfect addition to our community! [​IMG] I am also a stay at home mom, and raising chickens and heirloom gardening are hobbies of mine as well. [​IMG] Hope you find all the info and help you need here! I sure have! Again, WELCOME! [​IMG]

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