Katie, 6 weeks until present sorry, photos removed

Redyre Rotties

10 Years
Jul 8, 2009
North Carolina, USA
Since my stalkers insist on stealing photos with which to defame me and my dogs on a certain public bulletin board, I have removed all galleries from my website, made most of the photo posts on my blog private,and I am removing photos from places where I am able to edit posts. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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She is stunning!
Notice how that heartwarming expression was there from the very beginning! Even as she grew and changed, those eyes and that look never changed. She is one spectacular lady!


Oh. My. Goodness! What an adorable puppy and gorgeous girl. Our "baby" was our Rottie Dixie, who survived multiple military moves and 2 Iraq deployments, she was the best dog we've ever had. The day we had to put her down was the worst day of my life. True story: She always seemed to know if people needed a little extra attention -- we had a neighbor who's son had Cystic Fibrosis. He would come swim in our pool, and Dixie would get in the pool and swim stroke-for-stroke with him, she wouldn't let him out of her immediate reach. His Mom used to say she felt very safe having him swim at our house because she knew if he got in trouble, Dixie would get him out of the pool no matter what. She was an amazing dog, as I think most Rottweilers are. Yours is just beautiful.
Here's a picture of Dixie greeting "Dad" home from Iraq
It's always so hard to lose them. What a sweet face. Special thanks to the war hero.

Rusty, I look at her every day, and still can't stop looking at her. We have more shows planned, 2 weekends in Sept, one in Oct, so stay tuned for updates.
I've been following Katie's threads but I haven't posted until now. I really enjoy your updates, she's so beautiful! I'm looking forward to the Best in Show pictures.

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