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    I'll put the craigslist link with pics up here shortly, but here's the description:

    *1980 Kawasaki KZ1000P (Police) *

    Retired “CHiPs” motorcycle

    Still has Oakland Department of Defense parking sticker.

    This 1980 KZ1000P is a collector’s item. This was the last year that they had the windshield versus the fairing. Also the last year they had a kick start. This is the same era of KZ1000Ps that was used in the popular show “CHiPs”. I am the 3^rd private owner of this bike. I bought it off of Ebay 2 ½ years ago and after cleaning the carbs and petcock I used it as a daily driver for a year and a half. I got a larger bike so the CHiPs cruiser has not had much attention. The radio box was sold separate and I replaced it with a LARGE water proof (lockable) cargo box. To my knowledge the bike has always been kept inside. I have a clear title for the bike but can not find it. I have sent off for a copy. I will provide a bill of sale and a MVR-4 form (same as title) if the bike is purchased before the title gets here. This bike is in great shape for a scooter that is nearing 30 years of age. The rubber and plastic are in great shape and shows no signs of sun fading and very little dry rot. All of the bells and whistles were removed in the 80’s when the bike was sold at auction; however the handlebar controls are all still there. The tires have less than 500 miles on them. The battery is 1 ½ years old. Does not burn oil or blown smoke. The motorcycle does not currently run. I can start the bike with starter fluid, but the petcock is clogged not allowing adequate flow of gas to the carbs. It would take VERY little to get this bike running. A few hours for the do-it-yourselfer, or a couple hundred dollars to the bike shop and you would have a cheep, cool police bike that gets respect from everybody! Of the many motorcycles I have owned this is by far the most comfortable and the most nostalgic.

    * * *Known Problems/Needs* *

    Carbs need to be cleaned as well as the petcock – Gas tank isstarting to oxidize on the inside bottom causing grime to build upin the petcock. Tank coating could be added to seal (stop) thisfrom reoccurring. The bike will start with starter fluid but stopsas the petcock is clogged.

    * Front brake works well, however the sensor to trigger the brakelight is not working. (this was existing when I bought the bike)Foot/Rear brake triggers the brake light.

    * I was never able to get the kick start to start thebike…..electric start works just fine!

    *Cosmetics* * *

    · Small 4” crack in windshield – I hit a buzzard on the way to work · Missing the left side cover – Though one is bound to come across Ebay.

    · Paint chipping/oxidizing in the area on the left side of the gas tank where a razor was probably used to remove the Ca. Highway Patrol sticker. Though there are no dents in the tank.



    I have MANY more pics if anyone wants them [​IMG]
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