Kayuga: Breed comparisons


Jun 21, 2019
Hey everyone, I was just thinking about the different breeds of ducks I have on my homestead and I wondered if anyone else has some experience with Kayugas? I bought a Buff, Crested, and Kayuga duck over the summer. I have raised three other sets of ducks, this is my fourth, and I'm amazed at the different mannerisms and personalities in this set. The Crested duck is super content and on the verge of lazy. She's just happy sitting in my lap and or watching her sisters from a safe distance. Every once and a while she gets a burst of energy and runs around with the others but usually, she's happy staying put. The Kayuga is by far the most energetic duck I've ever raised. She's like a toddler that has been in a small room after finding a stash of twenty candy bars and consuming them all. I'm not even kidding. I try to let them out of their encloser once a day so they can run around before they go outside for good and she always takes off like a shot. She'll run around really fast and nibble everything just as fast. Her head darts around looking at everything and she's so hyper that the other two ducks get excited and start running in circles. But long after they've stopped she's still going. Are most Kayugas this way? Even my Runners were not this hyper. Finally, there's the Buff duck. She seems really loyal and is bffs with the Kayuga. Where ever the Kayuga is the Buff isn't far behind. She always likes to be next to someone, so when the Kayuga tires her out she's happy just to sit next to the Crested. I have Khakis, Pekin, a Golden 300, Runners, Mallards, and even a mixed breed but this is the most diverse set of ducks I've raised so far.

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