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  1. aubreyt78

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    Sep 26, 2008
    My father in law fenced the immediate area around the coop with chicken fence, and that was fine however, my english pointer after pawing at one side of it completely ripped it down over the course of a few months( I had no idea until I heard the shrieks of terror when he finally got through), and jumped in. There is a real study fence behind the coop area, however the remaining sides that my father in law did are too flimsy. I have not been letting the dog out for a few months on his own....................What can I do? Should I just by some large sheets of wood and nail them up on the sides to make a wall? That would be okay on the one side that is smaller....but for the rest of the coop I am not sure what I can do.........I am not looking to spend TONS of money(atleast not now), but I thought I would ask...............I have 4 other dogs that play in the yard and go nowehere those chickens!!!!!!! but the pointer is relentless- what about barbed wire lol? he is really so dumb that he probably would try and get through that too!!!!!!!!
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    Apr 17, 2009
    I am putting up some cattle panel or hog panel right next to the chicken wire. It looks like field fence but is rigid and comes in one piece. It is is 16 ft. long, and 4ft. tall. They are approx. $24.00 a panel. I love it and have used it several other places. It would keep larger dogs and animals from messing with the flimsy chicken wire and pushing against it. Especially if you have livestock kept anywhere near the chicken run. Your local ranch and feed store should have it. Just a thought....
  3. GardeNerd

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    Could you afford an electric fence around the coop? That might deter him if he got a shock when he touched it.
  4. crooked stripe

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    Jan 14, 2008
    N.E Ohio- Suffield
    My electric works great. The dog got hit twice and now he just sits and watches.
  5. backpack09

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    Mar 20, 2009
    Whitman, MA
    Pick up a roll of chain link or welded wire fence at home depot.
  6. AkTomboy

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    Apr 21, 2009
    DJ, Alaska
    Training would be my advice. Then it is a time issue not a money one. Is your pointer a working dog? My G.R. is a working one and "bird" or "birds" is a cue when he working. My chickens and turkeys are not called birds for that very reason. He knows that they are not to touch or even stare at them and if seen even watching with a fixated stare "off" is all that need to be said. It is not allowed per the pack leader ~ me. I understand not all people have the extra time to spend on reteaching a dog who has gotten into the birds so for that I would second the electric wire. Even a hard working breed such as your pointer will catch on very fast. Although I still would not let him have the idea he can sit and stare at them. A smart dog who has enough time to fixate on them will learn that he can get around the electric fence as well. Hope this helps some.
  7. eggchel

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    Training is really good advice, but back it up with a strong welded wire fence or electric hot wires. Sometimes a dog's instincts overcome his training.
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    Great suggestions here. I'm no expert but I'd think that if you put up panels, you might ought to dig down a good ways and even reinforce with cement so it's like a foundation. I'd do it quick, too cause those pointers are smart and very capable. My dog is part bird dog herself (and part everything else!) and she plowed thru a flimsy fence to get at some pullets, back when she was a young whipper snapper. Training and secure fencing is the way to go. !bueno suerte!

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