Keep getting blood rings in my duck eggs

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    Sep 26, 2016
    I've got a GQF Sportsman incubator. I use it only for incubating, not hatching so I haven't fumigated it till the beginning of the hatching season. I keep getting blood rings in my eggs though. I recently had a duckling die a couple days before lockdown. When the incubator turns, the two trays of eggs in each tray holder will slide down really hard cause there's a inch and a half of extra space on the sides. Do you think the jarring could be the cause of the blood rings? I use the bantam sized, red egg trays since I'm incubating bantam duck eggs. Some of the eggs are a tad to big so I have to hold them during the turning session so they don't fall out. Do you think the bigger trays made for pekin duck eggs would work better so they don't jar? Or would it not make a difference? I only open the incubator to turn the eggs to make sure the turners working. I don't candle till a couple weeks in the incubation period and when I do, I don't physically hold the eggs unless I see something I need to look closer at.
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