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the 412 chicks

10 Years
Jul 22, 2009
i have a veary flighty roo he is always chasing people around but he is a beautiful bird i thought i would show some pics.[im
Pretty! He looks a lot like a roo I had named, Dinner! He was earmarked from day 1 as...dinner! LOL! But, he grew up so pretty and laid back that I gave him a last minute reprieve, and he's living down the road at my neighbor's house. They changed his name to Cocoa, and he rules the roost.

They actually just wanted a rooster. They don't have any other chickens! He's happy, and they're happy.
I'd had him penned for a few months because he started getting rough with the girls, so he has no idea what he's missing! LOL! He's just happy to be out of the pen!

Mine was a leghorn mix, but still beautiful.

Thanks for posting!

I don't know about anyone else here but I made it a point (& still do) hold my roosters. They get hugs & kisses!! LOL
I hold all my chickens A LOT! They like sitting on my lap while i feed them greens & snacks. I was told by many people that I shouldn't own any roosters cause they attack no matter what. Well I have FIVE full grown, mating age roosters in the same pen. They all get along with each other & people. And yes the hens are laying, have been since July 18th.

17 chickens, 12 chicks, 1 rottweiler, 1 bichon frise, 2 ferrets, 1 child & hubby.
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My Roo Mr Dumplin' is rather fiesty. He is very attentive to his girls. He will take a treat from me and walk away then call his girls to announce that he has something for them. After he gives his treat away he comes back to me to get another to ration out to his other ladies. Hes so cute in this behavior. He definitley don't like my Grandson age 5 and will often start posturing with strangers. He take good care of his girls.

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