Keeping a secret in the bedroom..A clucky chicken!

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  1. alexandherpets

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    Mar 7, 2012
    For almost 2 years now, all ive been wanting is a pet chicken, not just any chicken, but a Silkie chicken in which i would keep indoors with a diaper. Theres only one problem though--My mother has no clue!

    Im not out of high school yet, but will in a year. Thats not the half of it, because im not even sure whether Penny is a hen or rooster! She (or he, which until i find out ill just call it Penny) is a black Silkie and im not 100% sure of her age right now. The farmer said almost 4 weeks when i got her from a far away farm, but everyone here told me there wasnt a chance she was that old. So whether the farmer lied, or Penny is just a late bloomer, Ill never know!

    She has in the last week started having these great fluffy sprouts of Pure FLUFF all over her body which im in love with, and she has seemed to have imprinted on me (im not positive but im just saying that by the way she never leaves my side , and comes running to me when I call out "Penny".) I play with her and take great care of her Upstairs in our house and she rarely has accidents outside her home but im planning on buying her a chicken diaper soon. I have a car so im not depriving her of chicken feed,as i can drive to the local feed store and pick some up, but i have to do this SECRETLY. Im hoping with all my might she is a hen so i can keep her in the house (a rooster is not staying in my house,i have a baby sister under a year old and its too much of a hazard).

    When im not with her she has a corral in the guest bedroom she lives in with everything she needs. Im hoping my mother doesnt find her and flip out, because im already so attached to my widdle chikadee. Im not sure when or how to come out about having a pet chicken that i have been keeping upstairs for a while, but im sure when i tell her not only will she be mad, but shell look at me like i have 3 heads. I have been a HUGE animal lover/obsesser since i was a little kid and ive had the craziest pets including a pet skunk (which was not my moms idea, it was her boyfriend who bought her for me).

    But now i currently have 2 dogs Charlie and Lola, 2 clownfish ariel and Ursula, a guinea pig Winnie (or winnie boppers), and now secretly, Penny my fluffy lovebug of a chicken. I spend so much time with her and im constantly upstairs but sometimes when my mom calls me i have to answer asap of the risk that my mom will walk upstairs and catch me in the act of playing and taking care of Penny. The problem also is that as soon as i leave she tweets so loudly and you can sort of hear it from over the landing downstairs. Im not sure what that means but it sounds sad like she misses me:( Im Not sure how long i can keep up this charade until im caught red handed, but hopefully i have enough time so i know she is a hen and i can try to compromise something with mother dear. I know if my dad were still alive hed love and laugh at the whole situation, but with just my mom now, it not so sure shell feel the same..

    If anyone has any advice for me please comment. If its something rude, hurtful, or just plain out mean, dont comment at all.
  2. eenie114

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    Uh, how are you planning on hiding the smell? Grown up chicken poop is NASTY.
  3. alexandherpets

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Im cleaning her area up every single day and i am getting her a chicken diaper which will be renewed every morning and be fresh. There isnt any smell right now and i clean thoroughly even when she grows up ill have the same routine. There is windows in that room shes in and i can always air the room out.
  4. sumi

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    Maybe you should talk to your mom and ask how she'd feel about you keeping a chicken and see what she says. Then tell her about Penny and ask if you can keep her, maybe not in your room, unless you can keep it clean and not smelly. She's going to get noisy when she's older and there's a chance that any moment your mom will find her and she'll be mad, which is going to put you on the wrong foot when trying to convince her to let you keep her.
    Good luck, hey.
  5. LOL!!!!!!

    update us when she catches ya ;) but even if its a she she will get much noiseyer, and if she lays an egg she'll sing the egg song, which is loud

    oh and if she goes broody she'll growl and hiss, which can also be loud

    best of luck! your pretty daring :p
  6. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Your mom will find out. Us old ladies are not so slow that we can't notice strange noises coming from a room.

    I'd recommend fessing up and getting it over with. Hiding something like this is just not fair to your family, or the chick who is a living creature deserving a chance at a normal life.
  7. GableBabble

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    May 27, 2010
    Your Mom has prolly already found her, while cleaning, and is just waiting on you to say something to her. Most of us Mom's use our heads. You already have her in the house (one). Your taking good care of her (two). Now just be forthcoming and tell her. I have two daughters and a son. All sorts of animals have been brought in the house. My youngest sneeks them in all the time under her jacket or coat. I leave her be with them for a while. When she finally tells me (even though I can plainly hear them making clucking and cooing noises), it is mostly b/c she thinks they are cold or want to play with her. As long as they are not tearing the house up, no harm done.
    Anyway, my opinion is, your mom will feel like it is not a big deal. Just be honest with her. Your a teenager and at this time in your life there are much worse things you could be doing. She might be relieved that the sneakiness and staying in your room is over a new pet.
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  8. EweSheep

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    Sounds good to me Gabble! That is good advise and I would suggest you to go to your mom about it. Yeah, she might get upset but more to you for not telling her about the Silky.

    Wish you luck!
  9. NYboy

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    Nov 12, 2009
    White plains
    Thank you for reminding me of when I was a boy. Good luck!!!!!!!
  10. Kelly G

    Kelly G It's like herding cats!

    I bought a horse once and didn't tell my parents (I was away and up at college 300 miles away). I worked a part time job to pay his board (and he worked as a lesson horse there to cut costs as well).

    I didn't tell them for three years (I had him for 10 years)...they couldn't say too much - I had paid for him all on my own and never asked them for anything....sort of. They completely paid for my college educations - and instead of contributing to their great expense, I had my secret an adult, now I feel bad about that. It was very selfish of me. My parents are wonderful, loving people who don't carry a grudge - thank goodness.

    As a result of him (his name was Pogo) being a secret I always felt like I had to bite my tongue at every family gathering...I couldn't tell even my horse-friends in my home town that I now had my own horse - the most exciting thing in my life and I couldn't share it with those I loved the most. When I competed at the horse parents weren't there to see me - so it was a bit hollow. Don't get me wrong - I was LOVING having my own horse....but it was missing something. A lot.

    A chicken is hardly the same expense as a horse, but with my story in mind (and others here), you will feel much better about your chicken if it's not a secret. You can share stories about it what he/she did, how much he/she has grown, etc. Happiness and joy are so much better when they are shared with people you love.

    I don't want to rain on your parade....I really don't. But you're going to need your mom/dad's help sometime soon, and if they're going to be mad, you might as well get it over with. You will also need your parents help to re-home him if it turns out to be a can't safely do that by yourself.

    I love your beautiful spirit - don't lose that!!! Anyone with as much passion for chickens as you deserves to have them. Maybe now...or maybe later. It will be much sweeter if it's not a secret.

    Good luck - hugs!
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